Acepsis is focused on the development of chlorine dioxide-based technologies within a wide range of agricultural hygiene applications. From facility and animal hygiene applications to water treatment.

Why chlorine dioxide? Chlorine dioxide is well known as being an extremely effective agent for a wide range of agricultural hygiene applications. The Acepsis – HabiStat product line is a breakthrough technology in the areas of on-farm biosecurity and overall hygiene practices. HabiStat comes in either tablet or liquid forms. Both forms have the ability to be activated almost instantly when mixing the components with local water, providing a powerful chlorine dioxide based solution.

HabiStat Tablets:  Simply open a HabiStat tablet’s foil pack, and drop the tablet into a specified amount of water, and it instantly activates into a concentrated chlorine dioxide solution. It doesn’t get any easier than that! The solution can be used for a wide range of hygiene applications, diluted to the proper application requirements, from facility, equipment and water treatment aseptic uses. There is nothing more powerful. Nothing as wide a spectrum. Nothing as quick acting. HabiStat Tablet Mixing Guide

HabiStat Liquid Activator / Base:  As the jobs get bigger, so does the need for using HabiStat in liquid formats. The liquid Activator and Base combination are added, as directed, into a specified amount of water, on-site, activating instantly into specified chlorine dioxide based solutions. The ability to produce a highly effective concentration of chlorine dioxide, on-site, provides tremendous economic and aseptic benefits. Not only can a solution be produced on-site, and when required, but also immediately activates, producing chlorine dioxide, to remove the most troubling hygiene problems. HabiStat Mixing Guide


Chlor-A-Foam Detergent: A highly concentrated chlorinated alkaline formulation built specifically to handle the toughest hygiene requirements. Used prior to the application of the chlorine dioxide based concentrates, Chlor-A-Foam attacks the toughest soil conditions, lifting it from a specified surface. A key element in the removal of dangerous biofilms from the targeted surfaces.


Our Company’s mission is to apply innovative animal hygiene technologies into the agricultural and veterinary market sectors.