Acepsis, LLC – Our Mission and Direction:

Acepsis, LLC is an animal health based company that is focused on the development of state-of-the-art animal hygiene technologies.  Our Company’s mission is to apply innovative animal hygiene technologies into the agricultural and veterinary market sectors.  Our initial products focus is in calf hygiene / hoof hygiene / water treatment and mastitis prevention.


The Team:

At Acepsis we have created a team of talented and experienced partners whose roots run deep in agriculture, and in the development of innovative animal hygiene products. Acepsis management, and it’s development partners, provide over 40 years of pioneering product development, focused specifically on improved animal hygiene technologies and the prevention of contamination due to microbial borne diseases. Our industry is under constant pressure to provide a higher quality of food, using less antibiotics and more environmentally friendly solutions. This is our goal and direction!

  • Agri-Nutrition
  • Agri-Plastics
  • Crystal Creek Natural
  • Demand Marketing, LTD
  • The DeVere Company
  • Lodi Veterinary Hospital
  • Makin’ Hey!
  • Puli-Systems North America
  • WS Feeds – Canada